Elizabeth Carter

prints, collages, drawings

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #40

48 Cottage Street
Newton Upper Falls

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When I was eight years old I saw Jackson Pollack’s work. I began to make miniature Jackson Pollacks to hang on the walls of my dollhouse. Thus began a life-long fascination with the expressive use of line and mark. The principle of qi — or energy force — that Asian cultures use as a principle in their calligraphic brush strokes, is integral to my mark making.

My art is the landscape of my childhood. I spent much of my time in the woods or at the beach. It is grounded in the natural world, and my concern about its continued viability.

I studied printmaking at Mass College of Art and received an MFA from the Museum School in printmaking and drawing. My graduate thesis exhibition was an installation with 12-foot tall drawings of trees, some on the walls and others freestanding. Black and white photographs of a stream flowed across the floor that was strewn with pine needles. The sound of the stream played on a tape recorder to create an immersive environment.

Today, I find that a simple line drawing can also be an immersive experience.

I have been teaching Foundation Drawing in RISD’s pre-college summer program since 1993. My emphasis is on expressive use of mark making. My teaching informs my work, and vice-versa. My current work includes drawings, monotypes, monoprints and collage. I try to create a mood, a time, a season, and an unexpected space — just as I did with my dollhouse as a child.

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