Ashley Davidoff

sculpture,fine art, furniture

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #29

3 Lake Avenue
Newton Centre

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Ashley Davidoff is a physician and artist whose work combines the beauty of nature with an abstract aesthetic. As a radiologist, he explores the complexity and beauty of biology. As a gardener, he derives inspiration from the recurring miracles of the flower, the innate logic of roots and branches, and the intense cycles of New England nature. And as a dancer, he explores the soul.

This exhibit includes sculptures created from stone, driftwood and other natural objects; whimsical one-of-a-kind accent furniture pieces; and rendered photographic compositions.

The artist’s creativity was launched in his youth in South Africa, where Dr. Davidoff learned the importance of expression in tap and flamenco dance. A creative streak has continued through his professional and personal life; his works address his love of form and function, beauty in nature and the power of the creative soul. Dance as a high form of human expression is frequently highlighted in his art.

Dr Davidoff’s work is on display in the Boston Museum of Science.

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