Dan Borden

Art Photography: Still & Moving Images

Artist contact info:

617 899 5515
http://danborden.tumblr.com & youtube/user/dbfilmartist


Spring 2014 Exhibit Location #2  Wheelchair Accessible

Eureka Studios LLC
230 Central Street
617 899 5515

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Artist Statement
“A key element of my creative process is that it be neither dominated by conscious control nor completely free of that control. Created using 1960's Polaroid "instant" analog technology, my photographs are composed entirely in-camera; by using multiple exposure and hand-held techniques, unique, original mono-print photographs are created. Superimposing exposures from multiple moments in time on a single, instant print creates interplay and tension between control and happenstance; in a very real sense, I am not only the artist, but also the first member of the audience to arrive on the scene.

Although invariably acting on an idea (of one type or another) when making a photograph, I focus on what I have in my hand 60 seconds later, and not on the pre-visualization and expectations that led to the creation of the image. This "instant" feedback fuels my experimentation, and pushes the work in new directions.

Recently, I have created a series of slideshow/videos, where I sequence a high number of my still images accompanied by a soundtrack. By adding virtual motion and sound, in some sense, these videos reconstitute and set free the four dimensions captured in the multiple exposure technique of the original still photographs. And watching these videos, the viewer can conjure up the various themes that run through the still images.

All my photographs are shown un-cropped, and no Photoshop© or other digital aids are used to manipulate the composition of the original prints (although it may look that way). The small originals are scanned and uploaded to my photo blogs, and for enlarged prints for exhibition.

The viewer will find these photographs retain their reference to the here-and- now, yet appear fresh and unexpected - capturing moments of beauty that would otherwise remain unseen.”
- Dan Borden, February 2014

Dan Borden earned his B.A. as a dual major in Visual & Environmental Studies, and Fine Arts at Harvard College, and holds an M.S. in Library & Information Science from Simmons College.

Dan is currently on the teaching faculty at the Lasell College Graduate Programs in Communication / Marketing & Management, and The College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University.

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