Artist Open Call: Let There Be Light 

Exhibition Dates: Friday, December 1 – Sunday, December 30, 2023


Location: Galatea Fine Art 

460 Harrison Ave # B6, Boston, MA 02118

GALATEA FINE ART: We invite you to submit up to three pieces of artwork fitting this general concept of “Let There Be Light”.

Artists are prompted to contemplate the transformative power of light on their work. Consider how light can metaphorically act as a catalyst, infusing life, raising awareness, and casting a spotlight on subjects that demand attention. Dive deep into the symbolic connotations of light. Explore how it symbolizes knowledge, enlightenment, hope, or spiritual awakening in your artwork. Let these metaphors guide your creative expression. Embrace the interplay between light and darkness as a storytelling device. Utilize this dynamic contrast to weave compelling narratives within your art. Through this contrast, convey not only literal but also metaphorical aspects of your message.

This extraordinary opportunity extends to all artists at all career stages. This exhibition offers you the chance to present your creative process in the prestigious ambiance of a gallery setting, with the added allure of potential sales during the festive holiday season—a great occasion to encourage people to consider the gift of original art from local artists as a thoughtful and unique choice.

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