Alisa Grace

Painting and Mixed Media, Crack Pottery Ceramics

320 Nevada Street
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
Alisa Kotler-Berkowitz ( and Gabriella Rothman (@crackpotteryceramics) have been friends for many years. They’re favorite phrase is “together, we are a whole brain”. A painter and a potter, they share a love of stability combined with whimsical color and emotion, often co-creating pieces that respond to each other.

Pivoting from photography, Alisa started her painting journey creating colorful, exuberant pieces that felt soothing and celebratory at once. But following the loss of her mother, she began incorporating memories of her mother into her art, whether it be pieces of paper with her handwriting on it, letters, or pages of books they read together. This intimate mixed media composition led Alisa on the road to her “Homes” series. She has been so successful that she now creates one-of-a-kind pieces on commission.

Gabriella began her journey inspired by a ceramist and dancer. In each of her pieces, you will find the gentle dance between sophistication and play, while preserving the raw and organic movement of her medium. Whether it’s the throw lines and spirals of a bowl spinning on the wheel, the flaming unpredictability of her brushstrokes on raku, or the unforced trickle and blending of her glazes, she is committed to capturing the dynamic of movement and function in each piece.

ARTISTS AT THIS LOCATION: Alisa Kotler-Berkowitz, Gabriella Rothman

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