Ann Schunior

Functional Pottery
Newton Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(781) 963-3190
My work is inspired by traditional crafts around the world. My pottery forms come from the unfailing shapes of simple functional ware, but the surface designs come from animal imagery on petroglyphs, wood carvings and fabric paintings of traditional cultures.

I have traveled widely, West Africa, Central Asia and the Americas, meeting craftspeople that still work in the old ways. I am as excited by indigenous architecture, weaving and fabric dyeing as by traditional pottery. I try to incorporate the imagery from traditional media onto clay without losing their original vitality.

I work in stoneware. My pieces are durable and intended for every day use. They are lead-free, and microwave- and dishwasher-safe.
Lisa Goren, Gail Hansen, Martha Heller, Ocllo Mason, Ron Roberge, Nan Rumpf, Anna Starkova, Ann Schunior, Dawn Evans Scaltreto
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