Anna Starkova

Acrylic Landscapes, Still Life, Seascapes
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
My biggest muse is Mother Nature – different every time: it can be delicate, or rough; bright and lushful; or neutral and quiet. Just like a woman; just like me. I find an endless inspiration in all the states of the Nature; they mirror my states of mind. I try to portrait the Nature’s character in every landscape I paint. Trying to keep balance between art career and parenthood I always look for things that help me rejuvenate. The ocean is the best go-to for me: it can soothe, energize, clear mind, and inspire with million new ideas at the same time. It’s magic! Ocean is so different, it can be painted in million different manners.

I have been exploring painting on multi-canvas surface as it can add an interesting perspective on the view of the landscape or seascape, it can add dimension and an abstract hue, and I used it in the wave series for that purpose.
Lisa Goren, Gail Hansen, Martha Heller, Ocllo Mason, Ron Roberge, Nan Rumpf, Anna Starkova, Ann Schunior, Dawn Evans Scaltreto
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