Anne E.G. Nydam

Relief Block Prints
City Hall

1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton MA 02459

I will be demonstrating carving a rubber block, all weekend

Artist Contact Info:
(781) 453-9323
Anne E.G. Nydam has been creating imaginary worlds since she could hold a crayon, bringing them to life in both art and writing. She makes relief block prints celebrating the wonders of worlds both real and imaginary, and with an undergraduate degree in linguistics, a background teaching middle school art, and an abiding interest in history, natural history, and art history, she can’t go far without encountering something fascinating. (On the other hand, she is a poor housekeeper, as is only natural in someone with so many more interesting activities to pursue.) She carves her original designs into blocks of rubber or wood, rolls with ink, and presses by hand in limited editions.

Everything in the block that is carved away becomes white in the finished print, while the areas that are left uncarved become the color of the ink. Her block prints invite imagination and evoke stories, and she also writes and illustrates books about adventure, creativity, magic, and looking for the best in others. She enjoys teaching and lecturing on a variety of topics related to printmaking, writing, fantasy, and linguistics.

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