Ashley Davidoff

Wood & Stone Sculptures, Expressionist Photography

3 Lake Avenue

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 290-9111
Ashley Davidoff is a physician whose art is inspired by dance, nature, and the internal beauty of the body. He has followed creative passions since his early childhood in South Africa, where he won national championships in tap and flamenco. Dance provided the opportunity for Ashley to be surrounded by artists and musicians and teachers who influenced him, and his mother who encouraged creative expression. Ashley has pursued passions in sculpture, painting and photography.

Ashley’s art will be displayed in lush gardens which envelop the carriage house and are overfilled with bountiful plantings, rock gardens and three waterfalls. Most of the art is derived from natural sources. In addition to sculptures, samples of his expressionist photography, including renderings of dance, nature and the human experience, will also be for sale.
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