Assembled Vision

Ritual Objects​ & Lyrical Biomorphic Installations
Art In & Out at the Villa

22 burnham road
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(857) 222-3157
I continually study the aesthetics and lessons of nature, often getting lost in the grandeur. My work attempts to reflect this reverence, bringing awareness to the wonder and the fragile balance of our relationship to the environment. An endeavour to reconnect humanity’s fundamental relationship with the Earth. My interest lies within the interaction of color, placement and dichotomy of materials. There is a dialogue at that edge where one element ends and the other begins, a narrative that comes out of layering. It whispers lessons on how to co-exist which can only be heard if one takes time from the frenzied lifestyle we have orchestrated, to pause and reflect. ARTISTS AT THIS LOCATION: Marian Dioguardi, Christie Allan Piper, Ted Prato, Sharon Schindler, Mary Mandarino, Gene Mackles, Will Kirkpatrick, Francesca Piper Koss
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