Barbara Freer

Designed And Created Beaded Earrings And Monotypes
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 640-0513
Barbara Freer – Heartline Jewelry & Monotypes

I have been making bead earrings and necklaces for 12 years. For over 5 years I have taken classes in monotype printing with Lynda Goldberg & 3 years with Gracia Dayton.

Designing and creating pierced bead earrings is a rewarding process for me, especially seeing the happy and excited faces of the viewers. Earrings can be a small but powerful addition to one’s overall visual presentation. I want people who wear my earrings to feel attractive and more confident.

Monotype printing is a unique and unpredictable art form. I enjoy the challenge & creative process involved – mixing colors, using various textures, and creating interesting visual presentations.

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