Barbara Furstenberg

Mixed Media Collage
The Centre

1294 Centre street
Newton MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 835-4711
Abstraction, for me, allows the invisible to become visible. Every collage is a surprise because I try to work intuitively, with no planning and as little thinking as possible, searching for access to my internal visual world. What tends to emerge are ephemeral landscapes, dreamscapes and atmospheric layers of shapes, marks and colors. Currently I’m especially interested in transparency, luminosity and sparkle. I use my own painted papers with acrylic paint and acrylic medium. I add marks and shapes using pastels, pencils, markers, found scraps and anything that might help something unexpected happen.

The beauty of collage for me is its immediacy and infinite possibility which can be truly daunting. At its best the wonders of this process bring me serenity, delight and an experience of arriving in a space that feels meditative and timeless.

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