Bob Ballou

Digital Artist/Mixed Media
New Art@Trio

245 Walnut Street
Newtonville MA 02460

Please mask at this location

Artist Contact Info:
My work merges three mediums: photography, digital painting, and pastels. I begin with a digital photo which I bring into a software program that allows me to play with color, light and proportion and then to eliminate detail in order to focus on these relationships. Once colors are established, I use a digital brush to paint pixels of light rather than pigments of color. This is printed on fine art paper and pastel is rubbed into the paper to provide highlight and enrich certain areas within the composition. This process allows me to explore how color, light and form impact and play on our emotional response to a place or setting. Artists At This Location: Martha Doolin, Tasha Chemel, Jocelyn Chemel, Carol Stlotze, Deb Perugi, Shira Brown, Bob Ballou
Bob Ballou, Shira Brown, Jocelyn Chemel, Tasha Chemel, Martha Doolin, Kaitlyn Malinowski, Deborah Perugi, Carol Stoltze
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