Brian Murphy

Works In Oils And Found Objects

11 Marvin Lane
Newton MA 02459

Possible outdoor viewing, weather permitting

Artist Contact Info:
(978) 618-9176
I LOVE making artwork of all kinds, in all kinds of mediums. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist who’s creative output includes oil paintings, found object sculptures, and various assemblages. I’ve been creating art for over 40 years. Paintings are inspired by light and shadow, as well as texture to get the right look and “feel”.

Working in oils on canvas or wood panels, you will observe scraping; power drilling and plain old abuse to get desired look. Not a passive process, more akin to hand to hand combat. Many subjects include people or landscapes observed throughout the New England region or discovered walking, biking or kayaking along ocean byways.

When I wear my found object hat, the sculptures are built from various objects, the discarded flotsam and jetsam from trash day and dumpster diving. Color, texture and distress are key to gathering the parts together to make a whole. Always looking for metal that is rusted, wood that is worn and a curious item that someone tosses away. No sketch is involved in the construction, just the “right feel” for parts and colors, and the idea somewhere in my noggin. The journey is part of the thrill in coming up with new ways to bring a new life never before discovered. At times during construction and assembly, the art may take on some of my DNA, usually by accident. Some salty language at times follows the DNA donation.

Some may ask, what do you like doing best? I would say just creating and exploring new ways to make my voice heard. Every day brings a new challenge to do something. Might be sculpture, might be painting or something else. I’ve done many commissions in various mediums for those who want that personal experience only an artist can give.

A graduate of RISD, my art is included in private and public collections across the United States, and internationally as well. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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