Carriage House Studios–Ingrid Scheibler

Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting, Watercolor and Ink

647 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre MA 02459

Masking required indoors

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 669-9091
My bold and graphic paintings are a pictorial conversation in real time. I approach the canvas in an improvisational dialogue I want to

explore but don’t know its end point. I see the physical space of the canvas as containing the conversation as it is played out through

marks, gestures, intention, accident, space, and materials. This process of discovery is alive with energy, sometimes frustration, and

animated by both formal concerns and a psychological awareness of the facts of embodiment and embeddedness in a web of relationships.

I am painting my side of the conversation as well as the other voice, and being open to this other voice is what animates <br.
my work and allows it to unfold on the canvas. Kinetic energy is generated by a dialogue of complementary opposites:

abstraction/figuration, hard edge abstraction/gestural painting, control/accident, order/chaos, and humor/pathos.
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