Cindy Sachs

Vibrantly Colored Oil and Acrylic Paintings
Artists 11

24 Berkeley Street
Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 308-4853
My art is a wonderful complement to my architecture practice. The goal of an architectural drawing is to describe what is to be built as precisely as possible, with no ambiguity, and no room for interpretation. My goal with painting is quite the opposite. “What I hope is that you, the observer, will resonate with some aspect of a painting and that the meaning of that painting will come into being through you.”

I have always been drawn to the vibrant colors of the French impressionists and pointillists, juxtaposing contrasting colors to create a luminosity in painting. The color compositions are done both consciously and inspirationally within the paintings.

The figure paintings are done from live models. Layering them as they travel through space. Many of the figures are tangled into abstract and innovative forms. If you study the paintings: You may be able to see the original figures.

Travel plays a critical element in the landscape art. The landscapes represent a love of coastlines, especially coastlines of Massachusetts , California and Normandy, France.

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