Debi Dulberg

Mixed Media/Collage

31 Brooks Ave
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(781) 879-0800
Collaging A Life: Where Art & Psychotherapy Come Together

Surrounded by hand painted papers, magazine clips, fragments of recycled cardboard, tea bags, downloaded photographs, clipped or hand-written words…it all begins!

For one who travels daily in a world of complexity as a psychologist, I hope to spark curiosity in observers to value and find meaning in life’s layered nuances.

Faced with precut substrates I begin to engage—from apparent chaos to choices. In art, like real life, risk taking is essential even in the face of uncertainty. There is an ongoing dynamic between intention & randomness as issues of coordination and conflict emerge to be worked with and worked out.

With my collages, I invite you to move from “headspace” to heartspace” on YOUR journey to self knowledge & acceptance…the DNA for possibility and transformation.

Enjoy, Debi

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