Deborah Hiatt

New Art Center

61 Washigton Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 780-6813
I used to be a lawyer but I got sick. What a silver-lining it’s been to discover that I love to draw and paint!

Recently I’ve been bit obsessed with painting my dogs, Jackson and Charlie, as I often find them in funny, unexpected poses. I love painting landscapes where the light can play surprising tricks with colors and shadows. I have fun setting up still-lifes with beautiful fabrics from foreign countries, flowers which often look like they are created initially with watercolor and other unusual items. Sometimes I add glass which can change lines and colors in magical ways And some of my pieces are conceptual; eg. pill vials among flowers, a dog seen through my walker.

I hope that when someone looks at one of my paintings they find it interesting and/or beautiful and notice one or more unexpected detail that affects how they see in the future.
Lisa Goren, Paul Alie, Gail Hansen, Ann Schunior, Nan Rumpf, John Murray, Lori Slaven, Lisa Sazer, Martha Heller, Ron Roberge, Abbie Ireland, Arlene Bandes, Michael Wilson, Carol Pugliese, Lynda Goldberg, Deb Hiatt, Steve Hurwitz, Frances Schreiber, Elena Kaufman, Cathie Brenner
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