Deborah Perugi

Abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings
The Centre Artists

1294 Centre St, Newton Centre, MA 02459

10:00 AM- 4:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday April 29- 30, 2023

Artist Contact Info:
“Deb Perugi‘s artwork is it once beautiful and decisive. Whether it his her bold, strongly lit landscapes or strong, seamless curvilinear abstractions, there is a fearlessness in both the color and the compositions. Her best new work seems inevitable in its interlocking ribbons, ovals and parabolas of brilliant color. You can’t look away— there is so much to see and savor. She is a talent to be reckoned with.”

— John Koch, April, 2022

I am concentrating on large scale acrylic and smaller wax medium art on board. I am exhibiting several series of medium and large size paintings from the last five years: Expressive Abstracts, Curvilinear Designs and Cold Wax Mixed Media. Each series employs different methods of application. The designs reveal themselves to me as I explore color and shapes. I invite the viewer to interpret these paintings and hopefully find something beautiful and interesting.

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