Denise Freed

Improvisational Dance Films

15 Rogers Street
Newton Highlands, MA 02461

It will be outdoors, weather permitting.
If it is indoors, masks are appreciated.

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 243-0549
I will be showing a collection of very short dance films inspired by the Site Specific Dance class taught by Karen Bray at the New Art Center. These films are based on structured improvisations, often inspired by a prompt for the class. They usually involve everyday locations. A few of my films incorporate other artwork, including paintings by my mother or the Newtonhendge sculpture. I enjoy capturing the moment and thinking on my feet. I like playing with shapes and movements, and sometimes I use them to express feelings or ideas that I can’t always put into words. I have also been experimenting with how the media of film can enhance the portrayal of dance and occasionally can become the dance, itself. I hope these short pieces will provide moments of beauty, humor, calm, or a fresh perspective.

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