Derrick Te Paske

Turned and Carved Wood, Mixed Media
In and Out at The Villa

22 Burnham Rd.
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 861-7728
During my many years as a university professor of media studies, I was primarily concerned with theoretical principles and digital methods. In purposeful contrast, my art has always involved wood and other tangible materials, employs tools and processes which are low tech, and results in unique and very physical objects.

That doesn’t really surprise me, because ever since I was a boy in rural Iowa, I have enjoyed making things with my hands. So far as I can remember it’s as much fun as when I was a boy, and by now I also find such work to be ecological, therapeutic, even redemptive. If it sometimes appears to represent what I call “inefficiency in the pursuit of the unnecessary,” that’s a happily embraced perspective and an act of quiet defiance. It is deeply gratifying in ways I can’t easily explain. Some of the pleasure, though, is surely that it makes me feel connected with ancient artists and artisans–-across cultures and throughout the world—who routinely made things which were more carefully crafted and beautiful than they really needed to be.

By now, my work has come to explore the porous margins of being and meaning. Some pieces simply “are what they are”. Others suggest a narrative or invite dialogue with viewers. But all in all, as I go about making things, I feel both joy and a sort of reverence in being part of the creative continuum which our ancient ancestors started at least 300,000 years ago. My work invites others to join me in those feelings.

As a thumbnail artistic statement: “I have always been interested in classical forms, the ancient, the so-called primitive, and the strange.”

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