Diana Bailey

Watercolor, Drawing, Graphite, Charcoal, Ink
Bailey Diana

206 Beethoven Ave
Waban MA 02468

Please wear inside the studio if inclement weather.

Our driveway is gravel and generally unsuitable for wheelchair access

Artist Contact Info:

I grew up in the green Tyne River valley in Northumberland, England, a gentle contrast to the dramatic, rugged moorland surrounding it. The color and texture of these two man made landscapes, with their changing light and distant horizons still have a great influence on my art. I trained and then practiced as an Architect in England and then in the USA. My Architectural designs engaged the spaces beyond the building, capturing the light and textures available – the long view. I have lived in a pink suburban house for over 40 years surrounded by a garden of my own design. Trees grow, plants thrive or fail, family and age demand change. The house, garden, and I have adapted with time. ​

My personal creative life has followed this same pattern, a restless exploration of materials and subject matter with no set landing place. “Adaptation” may always be both my burden and my strength!

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