Elizabeth Hammond Pyle

Botanical photography and Paper Goods

320 Nevada St.
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:

A native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Elizabeth Hammond Pyle developed a deep connection with plants through childhood wanderings in fields and woodlands. She learned drawing, art, and design from her art teacher mother, and studied science in school, earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Botany. She has worked as a researcher in Bolivia, Puerto Rico, New England, Canada, and Brazil. She made the switch to botanical photography in 2015, founded a small paper goods business, Bottle Branch, in 2016, and never looked back.

Her work celebrates nature’s variety and abundance. Working with flowers and plants from her garden, she uses photography to create playful, elegant images. Each photo becomes a record of the plants blooming at a particular moment in the cycle of seasons, as well as an exuberant tribute to the beauty of nature. She includes plant names on the reverse of images, a nod to her background as a botanist and her belief that there is power in naming and knowing the natural world.
My studio is Next door to Franicine Zaslow who will also be exhibiting, and down the hall from the other group who I think will be there so I wasn’t sure how to answer the above

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