Ellen Fisher

Photography-based Images
NOS at Canterbury Road

26 Canterbury Rd
Newton,  MA 02461

Weather-proof exhibit items will rotate, every day from June 23 to July 4. Stop by!

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Investigations of perception and memory. Recent works are visualization aids; attempts to break down large numbers, in the hundreds of thousands, or millions.

Shown here, images from several recent or in progress series:
Dream Sequences,
Walking in My Father’s Mind, and
Study Cards for Artificial Flower Assembly.

Study Cards for Artificial Flower Assembly is a work in progress 200 image project. Each image represents 100,000 forced or trafficked laborers, totaling 20 million laborers worldwide. The iconography refers to information from a US Labor Department report, listing artificial flowers as a product that is sometimes associated with forced labor.
Linda-Ruth Salter
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