Ellen Fisher

Photography-based Images
Parsons/Kaplovitz Home

41 Waldorf Rd
Newton MA 02461

Outside Exhibit, weather permitting.

Artist Contact Info:

(617) 872-0228

“Are These Tears?” a surrealist examination of the tragedies unfolding in Gaza.

Abstract: I peer into the liminal spaces where misplaced, mislabeled, and rejected tears accumulate.

I examine these droplets, to authenticate their structure, weigh their salt, catalogue their wellsprings. I interrogate and disprove shoddy, superficial labeling of the tear droplets that purport them to be products of naïveté, false equivalence, or embrace of barbarity.

I post my findings in the wind.
What is this about?
I’m a member if the Jewish community. Since October 7, there is a strong tendency in the community, to dismiss any disapproval of how lsraeli leadership is conducting the war in Gaza — dismiss it as naïveté if it comes from inside the community, and as antisemitism if it’s from outside. In particular, to dismiss a lot of terminology by deeming it to be inappropriately applied, and therefore to dismiss the underlying argument as antisemitic. Genocide, apartheid, colonialism, anti-Zionism, are hot-button words that will instantly short circuit a conversation.

This work is about how difficult it is, within the American and Israeli Jewish communities, to undertake the conversations and arguments that must be undertaken. And the difficulty of finding the common ground that must be found, with supporters of Palestinian civilians.
Ellen Kaplovitz, Marcus Parsons

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