Frances Schreiber

New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
I paint almost exclusively with transparent watercolors, seeking to maximize their translucency, complexity, and mystery. My figurative pieces focus on relationships and points of connection between the subjects and with the viewer.

My work often captures issues of privation, stress, or trauma. I try, in the words of Denise Levertov, “to make from outrage / islands of compassion.” My challenge is to create a painting that depicts a painful situation but also engages and moves the viewer.

In my landscapes I strive to bring the viewer into the painting, to create a sense of depth that calls out to be explored. I focus on the abstract forms underlying realistic scenes and use lost and found edges, hue, and contrast to depict spatial relationships. Such attention to painterly detail allows me to bring the animating spirit of a scene to the paper and to life.
Lisa Goren, Paul Alie, Gail Hansen, Ann Schunior, Nan Rumpf, John Murray, Lori Slaven, Lisa Sazer, Martha Heller, Ron Roberge, Abbie Ireland, Arlene Bandes, Michael Wilson, Carol Pugliese, Lynda Goldberg, Deb Hiatt, Steve Hurwitz, Sarah Kahn, Frances Schreiber, Elena Kaufman, Cathie Brenner
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