Francine Zaslow Photography

Color and Black and White Photography
Francine Zaslow Photography

320 Nevada Street
Newton MA 02460

The studio will be open to the public on April 29th and 30th from 11am-5pm. Additional appointments available, please email: Francine Zaslow –

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 281-5969
I find myself to be a curious spirit, drawn to a wide range of subjects and a variety of different processes. I find innate beauty in the most unexpected places, like rusted metal or distressed surfaces that echo the passing of time, or the endlessly complex patterns found in nature. Taking the ordinary and seeing it once again through a new lens. Above all, it’s my fascination with light, bringing detail out of the darkness, and manipulating the emotional tone of my images, that continues to fascinate.

You can see these reoccurring themes in my work

BFA in Photography @ University of the Arts in Philadelphia

Exhibitions: Digital Silver Gallery, Panopticon, Saint Botolphs Club, Lafayette City Center Passageway

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