Acrylic/Watercolor/Photography mix
Newton City Hall

1000Commonwealth Ave.
Newton MA 02459

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Artist Contact Info:
(617) 244-8303
A graduate of RISD, Throop brings over 40 years of design experience to his artwork, inspired by the natural beauty of Cape Cod. His illusionistic landscapes feature soft, loose brush strokes depicting idyllic scenes of the beach and nearby locales, but upon closer inspection the use of photographs becomes apparent even as the two mediums blend seamlessly. The resulting works are colorful and wistful, evoking the movement of cool sea breezes as well as the stillness of a quiet day. Of his process, the artist says, “I love the combination that the realism of photography and the fantasy of watercolor and acrylic painting gives me. My journey has slowly morphed from one to the other and it has given me an insight into what we actually see and what we think we see.” Throop is represented by Jobi Gallery in Truro and has shown throughout Massachusetts.
Amy Lou Marks, Anna Rejoyce, Anne Nydam, Cristina Hajosy, Anna Starkova, Howard Fineman, Kristi & Martha Furbush, Linda Ruth Salter, Lyasya Sinkovski, Marie-Cecile, Patricia Romeo, Tobey Finkel, Margaret Zaleski, Shamin Koya, Ritu Singh, Dan Wiener, Garrow Throop
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