Hsu Design Studio

Jewelry/Fashion/Painting/Monotype/Wreath & Cards

91 Allerton Rd.
Newton MA 02459

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(617) 332-0176
A mother-and-daughter team of “artists in white coats”

A pharmacist by training, Sharon traded in a high-powered position as chief of the department at a university teaching hospital to raise her family. After surviving her husband of 47 years, she accidentally stumbled into the world of kumihimo (a Japanese braiding technique), in which she is self-taught. It has been a liberating journey of healing and self-discovery ever since.

As a curious child, Mei-Yu became enamored with everything art, whether visual, performing, or culinary. But a career path in art was considered “impossible” and “impractical” from the perspective of her Taiwanese upbringing. Even though she enjoys a successful and gratifying career in medicine, art has always been her true calling. To fulfill her creative urge, she has been exploring diverse media and art forms over the years.

Both late bloomers in art and firm believers of life-long learning, we continue to challenge ourselves through pursuing new design, media, and techniques. Each piece created is a celebration of the circuitous paths we have traveled towards realizing our happiest selves.
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