Judith Hurwitz Art

Pottery And Abstract Painting
Marcia Cooper

170 Evelyn Rd.
Newton MA 02468-1130

Artist Contact Info:

(617) 875-3618
For decades, I have been fueled by an unwavering passion for art. In my artistic journey, I have delved into two distinct forms of expression: abstract painting and pottery. While they may seem disparate, they share a common thread—movement and color. These elements infuse life into my creations, allowing me to explore the dynamic interplay of hues and the evocative power of motion.

When I work with pottery, my focus lies in imbuing each piece with captivating movement and color, pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramic art. I strive to find unique and intriguing ways to incorporate dynamic visual elements into my creations. Through careful consideration, I carefully select colors that not only reflect movement but also harmoniously complement one another. By doing so, I create a vibrant tapestry of tones that interact and dance across the surface of the pottery.

Similarly, in my abstract paintings, I embrace a primarily non-representational approach. Here, my intention is to translate the essence of movement onto the canvas, evoking a sense of energy and rhythm. Layer upon layer of paint builds upon the initial brushstrokes, resulting in an intricate interplay of colors and textures.

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