Kaitlyn Malinowski

Oil Paintings
New Art @Trio

245 Walnut Street
Newtonville MA 02460

Please mask at this location

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My paintings portray strands of matter gathering together to form beings. Emitting and concealing light, existing and covering the picture plane, the forms morph into entities and environments. Establishing a fantastical mood, hair-like forms swirl, undulate, and soar within unnamable realities.

The paintings reside within a state of constant change. Hair transfigures into living beings, threads, and landscapes. The merging nature of hair speaks to complex notions of identity, change, performance, and notions of self. Evolving identities through gathering and reconstructing, the forms thrive within the polarities of the identifiable and the ambiguous, what is and what is imagined.

As an artist, I am interested in oil painting as a way to negotiate reimagination and change. It is through the transformative nature of the medium that I can create realities in which the subject matter consistently metamorphizes, overthrowing projected barriers and allowing for freedom and transformation to flourish within the painted plane.
Bob Ballou, Shira Brown, Jocelyn Chemel, Tasha Chemel, Martha Doolin, Kaitlyn Malinowski, Deborah Perugi, Carol Stoltze
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