Kanch by Kolika

Contemporary Stained Glass & Kiln Glass Homegoods
Newton City Hall

1000 Commonwealth Ave., Newton
Newton MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:

Kolika is a self-taught glass artist in Somerville. She is a fan of asymmetric aesthetics and negative space. Her designs are predominantly inspired by Nature. She makes each piece individually over 3 days. Kolika spent half her career as a scientist and carries that experimental, analytical, attentive practice with her in her glass studio. You will find her work in museum shops, galleries, art stores, and specialty culinary shops around New England besides in many homes in a few different countries.

Her glass leaves look real; her poppies are playful, bold; the hexagonal stained glass- intriguing (is it a biomolecule or a beehive?) Her glass journey might have started accidentally as a reckless tween but in two decades they evolved to bring her growth and community. Come be a part of that community at Newton Open Studios.

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