Karen Bray

Site Specific Dance/Performance Art

38 Stearns St
Newton Center MA 02459

Join Karen and Dancers
for a 15 – 20 minute set of 3 short dances at the
38 Stearns Street, Newton Centre
Times: 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm

Program at each time includes:
“Wake Up & Smell the Coffee” ~ 5 mins
“Laundry Dance” ~ 4 mins
“Cars Move Us” ~ 7 mins

Artist Contact Info:

(617) 953-3937
I have been creating dance/theatre projects indoors and out my entire adult life. From Les Tuileries in Paris, to Dolores Park in San Francisco, to Faneuil Hall in Boston, environments, and, the people who travel through them, inspire me. My outdoor work with the public often involves inviting strangers to participate in creating dances on the spot.

My intention in my work is to give new life to a space so that people see it in a surprising way, and, to join community to the location. Making Site Specific Dance for me is about connection, and, about enlivening the relationship between people, environments, and the arts.

I have co-taught Creativity Lab at the New Art Center for ten years, and, during the pandemic, have begun, and, will continue to teach 2 sessions of Site Specific Dance in the Fall; one virtually, on zoom, and, one live and in-person, through the New Art Center.

My garden, yard, porch and driveway in Newton Centre will become a performance venue during our new outdoors Newton Open Studios, and, I invite you to come watch what we have to offer. Short pieces throughout the day will include “A Car Dance” in the driveway.

Karen Bray, MFA in Dance
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