Karen Stern

Watercolors, Oils, Drawings and Prints, 4×6″ – 3×4′
Newton City Hall

1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:

(781) 690-0512
I identify as an abstract artist. I create both large and small works, ranging in size from 4×6 inch watercolors to 3×4 foot oil paintings, with works at many sizes in between. I will be showing paintings, prints and drawings.

As an artist who primarily works as a “series artist,” I find that each piece feeds others, and my works grow organically into collections of work that can stand on their own, or be shown together. You will find commonalities in my style throughout my paintings, drawings, and prints, as they are all windows into how I see, interact with, or make sense of the world around me. I strive to find a synergy within each series that unifies it as a cohesive body of work. I often find that solutions to questions I’ve been struggling with reveal themselves to me as I push myself to continue through the work.

I view my work as comprised of simple, inviting, easily accessible, basic forms. These works are inviting and asking viewers to stay and explore them for as long as they would like—asking you to have your own moment in the art.

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