LindaRuth Salter

Sumi Ink Asian Brush Painting
Newton City Hall War Memorial Auditorium

1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton MA 02459

Covid masking for all visitors and exhibitors

Artist Contact Info:
I first studied sumi-ink painting while living in Japan in my early 20s. On my return to Boston, I was fortunate to encounter 3 wonderful teachers who supported me in further exploring this challenging medium. Over the years, I painted in between earning a Ph.D., teaching and publishing, raising 2 children, developing an Asian antiques business, and so forth. As I have learned more about brush painting and art history, my techniques have broadened and deepened and my vision has evolved. Today, I fuse classical Asian painting methods and materials with a Western creative mind. While I am still studying and painting traditional ways and imagery, I am simultaneously exploring modern expressive possibilities.
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