Lisa Sazer

Paintings, Mixed Media Collages, Watercolors
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Masks appreciated but not required.

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 964-6435
I trained as a studio artist at Smith College, Dartmouth, The B.U. Tanglewood Institute, and RISD. My art is a subjective visual expression of my emotional response to the world, usually a somewhat distorted realism. I strive to create an expressive design using bold color and line, flattened perspective, and layout that incorporates movement and energy. I often use white space to create sparkle.

I have worked as a textile designer (for Katja of Sweden) and printmaker (monoprints), then moved on to acrylic painting, and now also I’m exploring the exciting world of mixed media collage with its limitless creative options, which frees me from “the object” and allows me to try my hand at abstraction.

In my collages, I use a wide variety of textures, materials, and applications, including but not limited to: acrylics; inks; crayons; hand-painted and found papers; fabrics; recycled books, boxes, and magazines; and layering, scraping, masking, etc.

I hope my work will help you to experience joy, energy, and a whimsical look at the world.


Lisa Goren, Paul Alie, Gail Hansen, Ann Schunior, Nan Rumpf, John Murray, Lori Slaven, Lisa Sazer, Martha Heller, Ron Roberge, Irwin Thompson, Abbie Ireland, Arlene Bandes, Michael Wilson, Carol Pugliese, Lynda Goldberg, Deb Hiatt, Steve Hurwitz, Sarah Kahn
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