Madeleine Hall-Arber

Ceramics and Pottery, Sculpture

37 Whittier Road
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 510-5955
My work hovers on the edge of sculpture and practical day-to-day utility. I love the symmetry of wheel-thrown pottery, but I like to add the touch of a beautiful shape, color, or whimsy to enliven the classic forms. You’ll notice that many of my ceramic pieces have a basrelief of animals, fish, birds or humans. Others are modernist with simple lines and colors. Some pieces are figurative sculptures. I also use a variety of clay ranging from porcelain to speckled stoneware to dark brown stoneware. Most of the glazes are formulated and mixed in my studio, intentionally maintaining a palette with depth and originality. I fervently hope that my work sparks joy!

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