Marcus Parsons

Digital Art: Painting,Drawing, Photography & Video
Parsons & Kaplovitz

Waldorf Road
Newton Highlands MA 02461

Artist Contact Info:
What do you seek in art? What do you find? What does it address in you and your world — touch upon, bear upon, or influence?

As an artist, I work implicitly with those questions.

I create my art on screens (iPad, laptop, camera, big monitor, etc.) for sharing online via my monthly newsletter, website (, and elsewhere. I also print and frame some works for gallery exhibits or sale.

On June 26, in front of my home in Newton Highlands (41 Waldorf Road), many of my digital paintings, drawings, and photographs will be on display. I will show some of them as prints, and many more in videos that unite image with music. The videos will be presented on a large-screen (65″) 4K TV and high fidelity sound system on our porch — an ideal way to experience digital art, and one that most art lovers never encounter.

My wife, Ellen Kaplovitz, a photographer, will also be exhibiting there. And at a house around the corner, three other artists will be exhibiting, as will others not far away.

We hope that you will come by!
Ellen Kaplovitz
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