Marian Dioguardi

Oil paintings Driven By The Color & Chaos Of Life
Art In & Out at the Villa

22 Burnham Road
West Newtom MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 332-9967
Art, placed through my home known as the Villa as well as in the garden, where art is meant to be lived with and seen.
My art is a bit quirky, colorful and sometimes chaotic (like my life). I always listen to the Muse. In my subject choices, you will see a bit of this and maybe a lot of that. I’ve grown away from formally defining my style or work. I just “go for it” and let the art speak for itself. come to think of it, my home and garden is like that too.
Oil paintings, intimate and monumental. Reproduction home accent tiles, colorful and bright. Beauty. Friends. Flowers. Community. We are happy to participating in Newton Open Studios, for you both inside and out.
Marian Dioguardi, Christie Allan Piper, Ted Prato, Sharon Schindler, Mary Mandarino, Gene Mackles, Will Kirkpatrick, Francesca Piper Koss
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