Mark Sirdevan

Acrylic paintings
Artists 11

24 Berkeley St.
West Newton MA 02465

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What IS space?

Consider a set of ideas that determine how something is approached, perceived, understood, judged, used, rejected. A sifting frame of reference that guides us.

* Does space separate us? Or connect us?
* Does it do both? Does it integrate and segregate at the same time?
* Space is both minuscule and vast. Personal and cosmic.
The fundamental requirements for perception and consciousness are light and space. Space is where living things, material things, and ephemeral things, enter and exit being.
* Does space itself come and go?
* Does it have boundaries? Gaps?
Is it a necessary interval as is the silence between notes in music or the negative shapes or unpainted areas in paintings?
* What is the space of absence?
* Is the space in my heart the same as the space in your heart?

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