Marne Rizika

Landscape Still Life Painting Drawing Lithography
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 680-8882
Artist Statement 2020

I am captivated with how to visually translate a grand sense of space and spiritual beauty. At the same time, I learned to anticipate the element of surprise — the appearance of wide boulevards, the twist and turns of alley ways opening up to a plaza, canals and streams, a stairway, a fountain, or a sculpture.

The distorted sense of scale and perspective in my drawings, paintings and prints developed out of my experience of landscape and architecture, natural and human-made: the immense space of the Grand Canyon; the sheer cliffs of Canyon de Chelly; trucks and equipment disappearing over rolling hills or emerging on the horizon of North Dakota farms — where judging the closeness of a storm is … immeasurable.

In my travels to Europe and Israel, and later while studying architecture in Italy, I became enamored of landscapes characterized by weathering tectonic plates and inscapes of the vast spaces and archways of cathedrals housing artistic treasures.

And here in New England, the experience of light and color shift with the changing seasons, manipulating familiar scenic views, mountains and open spaces, quiet ponds and wetlands; all reflect a living synthesis of people and place.

Moved by past experiences and work, I continue exploring color and a unique blend of natural and created formations.

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