Mary Lou Eshelman

Pottery, Glassware, and Glass Jewelry

37 Shaw St.
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 965-9608
My work as a potter and glass artist began after my career in international aid and adoption, where I traveled to many countries and met a number of interesting people. My pottery and glass reflects my interest in the diversity of life that I enjoyed–with a variety of types of functional ware, many colors of jewelry, and glassware that is bright and interesting.

I love the outdoors and walking in the woods, with greens, blues, and white being some of my favorite colors for pottery. I like to make jewelry from dichro glass which is very brilliant and beautiful.

I enjoy talking with people who buy my items–learning how they plan to use them, and where, and then later imagining those same people using my functional ware on a daily basis. I try to learn new techniques so that my work is always a little different and gives me the motivation to continue learning. However, there are some items that people always want and I try to make these–serving bowls, mugs, sponge holders, pitchers, berry bowls, plates, soap dishes, etc.

My work gives me a great deal of joy and being in my studio provides relaxation, motivation, and ongoing interest. I can’t imagine ever being bored with what I’m doing and that is a wonderful way to live.

Mary Lou Eshelman

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