Mary Lou Eshelman

Functional Pottery, Glass, and Glass Jewelry

37 Shaw St.
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 965-9608
After many satisfying years as a social worker in international child welfare, I became an artist specializing in ceramics, glass, and glass jewelry. I have a studio in my home which was wonderful during this past pandemic year. In my studio I always feel at peace and almost in a meditative state. I enjoy working with the colors of nature–blue, green, and white. I like surfaces with depth in both the glazes for my pottery and in the layers of my glass work. When I sell my work I enjoy imagining people using a mug, a bowl, or a serving piece in their daily lives and knowing the person it’s going to makes it even more special. Seeing an unformed ball of clay and then making it into something beautiful and useful is very satisfying to me. Pottery and glass work provides endless possibilities for learning as well, and I am always challenged to do something new.
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