Myra L Abelson

Oil Paintings of Abstraction, Places and Florals.
Artists at Alderwood

63 Alderwood Road
Newton MA 02459

The artists are happy to welcome guests on Friday or Sunday by appointment for a preview or private showing.

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 821-1116
Painting allows me to express the beauty I see in the world around me. Nature is often my muse as are the many extraordinary places I have visited over the years. It is hard to describe what actually inspires me until I see it. It is often light or color, sometimes form and texture or a sense of the spiritual. . . or a combination of things. I feel blessed to be able to see so much beauty in the world and to interpret that beauty in my own way and I love when people tell me they are moved by my art.
Patricia Romeo, Barbara Adner
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