Nancy DuVergne Smith

Watercolor, Watercolor Collage
Artist 11

24 Berkeley St, the Neighborhood Club,
West Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 823-9474
My paintings involve vibrant things—water, plants, and people—in the magic of watercolor. This medium meshes rich colors and the flow of water to create a living entity that mingles and changes as it dries. Each painting is a conversation with time and intention. Art like this invites us to return, reconsider, and refresh.
A new series of watercolor collages draws on figures and abstracts. Using handprints or figures on painted paper, I combine free form color and bodies. Melded washes contrast with the sharp edge of cut paper. The Skins and Petals series, recently on view in a one-person show at Galatea Fine Art in Boston, illustrates how we can see skin as a kaleidoscope of human experience.
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