Ocllo Mason

Acrylic On Canvas
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newtonville MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:

Ocllo Mason was raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and now resides in the suburbs of Boston with her family. A graduate of Bucknell University, Ocllo has been involved in the art world in various forms for years. She is currently a member of Newton Open Studios, Natick Artist Open Studios, and Newton Art Association. Acrylic paints are a favorite because of their flexible and obliging nature. However, the control the artist can have over the outcome in this style of painting is limited, making for a delightful challenge. The thesis of the present work is that the unpredictable cannot be forced. Her work is featured on fabric lines with QT Fabrics, McGaw Graphics, Top Flight, iCanvas, Natick Frame Shop and Gallery and in private collections.
Lisa Goren, Gail Hansen, Martha Heller, Ocllo Mason, Ron Roberge, Nan Rumpf, Anna Starkova, Ann Schunior, Dawn Evans Scaltreto
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