Marcia Cooper

Oil And Acrylic Paintings

170 Evelyn Rd
Newton MA 02468

open until 7pm on June 26

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 416-1969
My paintings often speak to the pleasures that are derived from times spent not far from the water’s edge. Figures of friends and others who catch my attention are included amid the colors and shapes that resonate within the textures of the landscape. It is my intention to portray the contentment we feel while commiserating with friends, as well as finding quiet moments all to ourselves in these serene surroundings.

In addition to work currently on exhibit at the Luckart Gallery in Auburndale, my paintings have been featured most recently at the New England Biolabs Gallery in Ipswich, Mass General Yawkey Cancer Center in Boston, and the Acton Public Library.
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