Patricia Romeo

Relief Prints, Monotype Prints, Collage, Drawings
Artists at Alderwood

63 Alderwood Road
Newton MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(508) 881-0515
My art reflects my experiences and my interest in the natural world. Working with Mother Nature as my muse, I focus on my surroundings and think about the numerous ways of translating what I see outside my window onto a two dimensional surface. I study the shapes, patterns and textures of trees, plants, and flowers and then translate them into a personal vocabulary for my artwork. I primarily create in three mediums; graphite and all drawing materials, relief printmaking, and oil-based media. As a relief printmaker, I strive to develop a mark-making vocabulary that is based on a combination of drawing and painting using line and shape to develop imagery that defines my vision of the natural world.
Barbara Adner, Myra Abelson
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