Raquel Fornasaro

Oil On Canvas And Digital Art
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101 Union St
Newton Centre MA 02459

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Fornasaro was born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently living in Massachusetts, she has shown in multiple galleries, universities, and museums, including Boston’s MFA and MIT Media Lab.

An interdisciplinary artist working with oil paintings, sculpture, installation, and digital art, her work is heavily influenced by her upbringing in one of the biggest cities in the world. Surrounded by uncontrolled urban growth and limited exposure to nature, Fornasaro explores the social understanding of humans’ relationship with the environment and its consequences.

Inspired by a combination of childhood memories, current events, and Brazilian folklore, her work carries symbolic ideas and parallels around beauty, decay, nature, and the city. Through vibrantly painted narratives she reimagines the anxiety of living in an age of ecological upheaval and the values we teach to the next generations with the aim to inform, inspire and empower the viewer to be a positive force for change.
Raquel Fornasaro, Mia Rosenblatt Tinkjian
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