Remmi Franklin

Mixed Media
Artists 8

52 Sewall St.
Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
I was at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) when I began experimenting with creating images that played one color against another. I am fascinated by the way the human eye is trained by nature to see in a certain manner; we perceive familiar shapes and colors and are almost programmed to accept a certain view.

The aerial images have evolved from my exploration of the collage medium. Using colors, shapes, layers and textures, this series combines my signature, “give a new perspective” style with my love of the abstract. While clearly a more fanciful play, once again the pieces challenge perceptions—abstract art or geography—either way they are new ways to look at something assumed to be familiar. Within each series, I am exploring a theme that might be pattern, paint or paper.

I am told my work is inventive, but my real goal is to excite others. In that calling I find freedom, self expression and independence.
Bruce Wilson, Kate Carleton, Sandy Dick, Nick Read, Linda Rinearson, Remmi Franklin, Barney Levitt, Cindy Sachs
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