Sandra Mueller-Dick

Watercolor, Acrylic, Ceramic Tiles, Cards, T-Shirt
Artists 8

52 Sewall Street
Newton MA 02465

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 875-8983
Much of my work emanates from themes that are important to me, such as landscapes – for example the rock formations along the Maine coast where I have spent a great deal of time since childhood. I try to capture the ever-changing forms I see around me, imbued with the timeless quality that exists concurrently with the change. My colors, and the way I integrate color with shape, reflect the mood I wish to convey. My goal is always both to portray and evoke emotion, encouraging viewers to interpret what they see for themselves. I try to speak directly to the inner life of my audience, helping them to know and stay in touch with who they are, and to find that which can bring comfort and solace to their lives. By using strong color contrasts and shapes, my goal is to create rhythmic patterns throughout the painting, inviting an emotional response. I aim to evoke an expression in my painting that sometimes might be mysterious and other times dreamlike.
Bruce Wilson, Kate Carleton, Sandy Dick, Nick Read, Linda Rinearson, Remmi Franklin, Barney Levitt, Cindy Sachs
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