Sarah Kahn

Mixed Media Collage
New Art Center

61 Washington Park
Newton MA 02460

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 504-7149
I am drawn to non-representational art, because it endows the viewer with the freedom to associate, remember, and find sensory response. Amidst passages of color, form and textures, one is invited to draw upon internal imagery and personal experience. While I am inspired by recognizable images, it is the abstracted details from these pictures, that I am drawn to record and create. Wordless forms have power, because they can be either re-attached to words, and recognized as pictures, or they can remain label-less, therefore maintaining a direct connection to our senses and to our unconscious.

I work in a sculptural manner, layering paper, fabric, drawings and prints. As the collage evolves, I scrape away thickened patches of acrylic paint, and peel away strips of unwanted cloth. I overlay monoprints, monotypes, woodcuts and other textured passages. I cloud forms over with fabric, to have them recede, while I bring other forms and colors into the foreground. The composition of each collage is as important as are the techniques I use to create dimension.

While I occasionally add representational drawings, such as portraits, I remain committed to the abstract, and the power it has to direct the viewer inward. The nameless form, texture and color, allows us to free-associate, and often to recall important experiences we may have hidden away.

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