Sarah Kahn

Mixed Media Collage

47 Stearns Street
Newton Centre MA 02459

Artist Contact Info:
(617) 504-7149
Abstract art is a compelling gateway to memories and personal narratives. Color, form and texture can reawaken personal narrative and recollections. I find that abstraction invites a direct connection to not only the senses but to the unconscious. Non-representational art has the power to direct focus inward, allowing us to recall important experiences we may have hidden away.

I work largely with acrylic paint and multiple layers of fabric and sheer papers, interspersed with drawings, prints and ephemera. I am intrigued by pushing-back and obscuring specific passages in my compositions, and their transitions into the foreground. The images in my work, that emerge, bring to life memories and interpretations for me and hopefully for the viewer.
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